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Crafters Glass, Custom Glass Bottles Unique From the Rest

[San Diego, CA], (December 9th, 2013):  Established during the revival of the distilling industry, Crafters Glass is a custom designed packaging supplier that produces glass bottles to the distilling community.  Distilling businesses and distilling artisans are turning to Crafters Glass in order to turn their designs into uniquely crafted bottles that stand apart from the rest.  Crafters Glass provides custom closures along with custom designed bottles and custom packaging.  Distilleries who use Crafters Glass have reported increased brand awareness and higher sales from the uniqueness of their product that sets them apart from the rest.

Using the highest quality bottles available, the eminence of the product inside is amplified by the magnificent design and flint glass bottle.  Ronan Galvin, CEO of Crafters Glass, says, “Whether it’s designing the custom bottles, closures, or packaging, we can apply existing concepts or draft a new design to enhance the brand.”  Each custom designed bottle is produced carefully with regard for upholding their high quality standards.  Crafters Glass aims to design custom glass bottles that are unique to each product that is put inside them.  The brand is expected to rise in the upcoming years due to increasing demand among distilleries.