Why Craft Distilling is a Profitable Revolution

Why Craft Distilling is A Profitable Revolution

As the movement that drives the producers of craft beer, to get closer to their roots expands, another movement is just emerging. Craft distilling has become an ideal for those who are passionate about the creation of spirits.

One question that is often asked would be, why is it that the idea of craft distilling is only recently beginning to take off,  and will it be profitable to join the revolution? The answer is yes; it is profitable, and here’s why. Currently, the world is being bombarded by several green, organic, and fresh movements that involve everything from food production and safety, which the FDA is also taking a part in, to the higher standard of using only fresh ingredients to cook.

The reason for this is that the people want something that tastes good; something that a mass produced product, using cheap ingredients cannot replicate. And so we enter into the distilling realm, where master and novice crafters are distilling up some very fine spirits, using only the freshest ingredients, in the name of a powerful trademark taste.

In the old days of producing quality whiskeys for example, it was the flavor that brought customers to the door, and kept them coming back creating a prominent market. However with the rush of mass production, the flavor of many brands has suffered; customers have been lost and with it, the true meaning of fine whiskey.

Now in the aftermath, craft distilling has emerged strong and with a popular demand for success; even braving the top brands for their creations to become a new favorite and standard in the market, as the Popcorn Sutton Distilling Company is currently doing with Jack Daniels.

One way of keeping with old traditions, is to return to the farm setting to produce craft spirits as Far North Spirits Craft Distillery has done; creating artisan style spirits much the same way it was done when the whiskey legacy began. This distillery in particular, sits on a century old farm and is one of the newest craft-style plants, having been opened in October, and it’s production started in November. It is the northern most distillery of it’s kind found in the United States.

Craft distilling is becoming a choice market for small and novice starters, as well as large companies to make a name for themselves. It seems everywhere you turn, someone is venturing into creating their version of an artisan flavor or opening up a new craft distillery.

Newport, Tennessee will be home to a new craft distilling plant from the makers of Popcorn Sutton’s Tennessee White Whiskey. Plans for the Popcorn Sutton plant will begin to stir in 2014. This will be a fresh beginning for the company, which has marketed the new plant as a “coming home” for them. It was the company’s namesake, Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton, who first began moonshining in Cocke County, where the new plant will be located.