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Crafters Glass is a custom glass bottle and packaging supplier serving the growing craft distilling community. At Crafters Glass we help you stand out from the crowd and allow your brand to speak for itself.

Custom Molds

Our bespoke molds allow you the ability to create a bottle based on your vision and brand without the financial burden that usually accompanies a customized bottle. Unlike North American and European based manufacturers which may charge upwards of $20,000 dollars for production molds, our sample molds begin at $1,500 and around $5,000 dollars for a 6-set production mold.

Production Process

Production Process

We provide the distillery a full turnkey solution to their packaging needs, just give us an idea of what you want and we will handle the hard stuff (whiskey please!)

Production Process
Production Process


Along with custom bottles we provide a variety of decoration options to help give your product and brand a distinct identity and increase its value. Gradient coloration, full or selective frosting, ceramic heat transfer decals are just some of the more frequently used options we have available. Although the main product is what lies inside the bottle, the importance of design should not be overlooked as it is the determining factor in what separates your product from the next.


At Crafters Glass we provide a variety of both standard and stock closures, from basic stelvin screw caps to crystal bartop closures. While custom closures may be more expensive it is another low cost investment in your packaging that can elevate your brand to the top shelf. Whether it's standard or custom, the closure you choose will completely depend on the type of look and feel you want to give to your bottle. It is also important to take into account the type of product you are selling when choosing your closure; as a closure for a whiskey branded bottle may not look as good when displayed on a bottle branded for tequila.


Creating custom printed cardboard cartons for your product is another great and cost effective solution to promote your brand when it is not being displayed behind the bar. When it comes to custom cartons we can produce any size and thickness you want along with however many colors and designs you may need. Alternatively, if you prefer stock cartons we can supply those as well.
Packaging is the strongest marketing tool you can have, it gives the consumer an opportunity to choose your brand amongst the other competitors on the shelf.

Our Story

Crafters Glass was established during the recent revival of the craft distilling industry. Similar to the boom of craft beers in the earlier 90's and winemaking before that, there is a growing trend for handcrafted spirits. With that comes a need for hand crafted bottles and packaging as unique as the products themselves. Much like the people who distill these artisan spirits, Crafters Glass is excited to be apart of craft distilling revival going on right now.



What do you mean by flint, super flint, and crystal flint?

Typically, translucent glass is separated by 3 levels: flint, super flint, and crystal flint. Flint is not typically used for spirit bottles as it has a greenish tint to it and is the least transparent. Super flint glass is the standard for which most premium spirits are made given its high clarity. Crystal flint holds the highest level of clarity and is also the most expensive. Super flint and crystal flint are very similar in price and quality.

What is the MOQ?

The minimum order on custom super flint bottles is one forty foot High Cube container (40' HQ) which typically fits about 22,000 standard 750 ml bottles with custom cartons and packed on pallets for safety. Unique shaped or bigger bottles may reduce this amount. Alternatively, you can fit up to 27,000+ standard 750ml bottles if you decide to use bulk packaging i.e. no carton or pallets.

How much do molds cost?

A sample mold for a standard shaped super flint custom bottle starts at $1,500 and a production mold for the bottle would be around $4000. However, exact prices will vary depending on the complexity and dimensions of each bottle project.

What determines the price of my bottle?

There are many factors that go into determining the price of your bottle but the three key factors are: the quality of glass being used, the weight of the bottle, and the complexity of the design. After that, is the cost of printing on the bottle; the type of printing method, how many colors will be used in the design, how big the design will be etc. etc. Other factors include the type of closure to be used and whether we will use stock or custom cartons for packaging.

What is the lead time of my order?

For a first order a typical lead time is 4 months. This includes sample mold and bottle confirmation (1.5 month), production mold and production time (1. 5Month), shipping (1 month). Re-orders usually take 2 months as sample mold and production mold lead times are no longer necessary.


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